CharaForm 007 "Ken Kaneki" from #TokyoGhoul by Empty

Now, this particular Anime-related collectible has been bugging' up me brain for quite some time now, ever since first seeing images of it advertising a pre-order from a shop I do not regularly (or if at all patronize) over a year ago, and have been hunting for ever since!

The figure(s) in question, is CharaForm 007 " Ken Kaneki", from "Tokyo Ghoul" - specifically dressed in his gear from season 2's "Tokyo Ghoul √A", when he joined "Aogiri Tree", with his "Kagune" is full display array!

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Sized approx. 103mm / 4.1-inch tall (excluding base, non-scaled), and made of PVC + ABS, two versions were made available: Regular (unmasked) and Masked Versions! Released November of 2015, the SRP was around 4,104 JPY per (US$38+). Amazon has it for US$44- for the non-masked, and US$128 for the masked version (*gulp*). Do check in with your fav retailer(s) for comparative pricing and availability otherwise.

Sculpted by Hachimaru, based on a super deformed design by Yuki Naritake, and produced by "Empty", I'll try to source this out in local brick-n-mortars, failing which, I might bite the bullet for an online purchase! Scroll down for more pics, including unboxing video (I chose to post the one without commentary :p).

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A photo posted by TOYSREVIL (@toysrevil) on