Funko Announces Anime-related Pop! Vinyls for #Naruto, #SoulEater, #SwordArtOnline & #FairyTail

Funko is powering-up their library of Anime-related Pop! Vinyls the the announcement of the following figures from "Naruto", "Soul Eater", "Sword Art Online" and "Fairy Tail" - all of whom are listed as "available now" - so do check in with your fav retailers for availability and pricing.

FAIRY TAIL: "The magical world of Fairy Tail includes Lucy, the celestial wizard! Add dragon-slaying wizard Natsu and Lucy’s companion, Happy, to make sure the guild-posted jobs are done!"
SWORD ART ONLINE: "When Sword Art Online, a massive online game, traps players in a virtual reality, Asuna and Kirito must band together to survive!"
SOUL EATER: "Soul and Maka, the supernaturally powerful duo from Soul Eater are coming, too!"
NARUTO: "The young ninja, Naruto, is immortalized as a Pop! alongside a special 6” Pop! of Kurama, the nine-tailed fox!"