My #SundayAnimeTrip (June 28)

#watching #PlasticMemories Ep.13 finale ... I foresee tears to happen... :( #anime #sundayanimetrip

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My weekly journey for yesterday's Sunday Anime Trip was cut down in half with only 2 anime on my list available to watch, while the finale for Kekkai Sensen and ARISE Alternative Architecture escaped my watch.

Nevertheless said visual trip was a good one, with a series ending, and a beginning for another.

Episode 12 of Plastic Memories saw a tearful ending (my tears, I admit without shame) to the love story between Gifta "Isla" and the human "Tsubaka" … and with it's end I would say it had been a surprising revelation of an anime to follow, and a refreshing journey from my regular action adventure preferences, fueled with innocence of love and self-love, with subtle emotions that were as evocative as "real world" actions might have been presented.

Recommended for a bittersweet time to be had, with only 12 episodes to complete. No, you don't need a whole box of tissues, so no worries :)

A new chapter begins for #WorldTrigger Ep36 #watching #sundayanimetrip #anime

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World Trigger begins a new chapter in Episode #36, with tail end of the battle in earlier episodes addressed here, and we get to delve into the back history of Osamu with flashbacks, as he lies in the hospital bed for recovery … and there's a "surprise" appearance of a "new character" … Nice way to catch our collective breaths until the next invasion strikes, IMHO.