ULTRA-ACT × S.H.Figuarts ULTRAMAN Releases July 2015

Remember that HEROES manga re-designed ULTRAMAN seen at Wonder Festival (Winter) I raved about not too long ago? Here are some product stats and more pics to ogle at:

The ULTRA-ACT × S.H.Figuarts ULTRAMAN stands about 155mm / 6" tall, this ABS, PVC made reticulated action figure is priced at 5,184JPY (US$43- / SGD$59) with a July, 2015 release date. And I want it BAAAD! OMGOGOMG
TRANSLATED DESCRIPTION: ""Supeshiumu" effect parts are included. Enables the deathblow pose in replacement of breast parts. Arm portion can reproduce the three patterns state in replacement." (tamashii.jp)