#TerraFormars - Terraformar Complete Figure (Gigantic Series) from PLEX

Can't get enough of the giant roachman? Then keep a look out for a new upcoming vinyl figure from PLEX, with the TERRA FORMARS: Terraformar Complete Figure (Gigantic Series) to be released late March-2015! Sized approx. 44cm tall, the piece is made from PVC (Soft Vinyl) and ABS. I do not see any articulation tho …

With a SRP of 9,504 JPY, Ami Ami has it on pre-order for 7,870 JPY. Do check in with your fav retailer(s) for availability and pricing.

I have a gnawing feeling that this is trying to replicate the success of Attack On Titan's "Titans", ala "Colossal", "Eren" and maybe even the female Titan … and while I enjoyed the anime series, these "giant mutated humanoid cockroaches" do not necessarily appeal to me as "toys" … unless we get to see some toy-action based on the more intelligent and powerful Terraformars…? :)