"Last Theater" by NoisyCell (Ending Theme for #DeathParade)

Death Parade Ending theme titled "Last Theater" performed by NoisyCell (www.noisycell.com) - who had also performed the ending theme Innocence" for anime "Barakamon". With the happy vibe and party-flavour of the OP track by BRADIO, this particular tune was a sharp contrast to, and somewhat serves as a "wake-up call" to the harsh realities of what the anime's grim contents are, IMHO anyways.

And while I enjoyed the melody, tis my love for #DeathParade that made this blog-feature happen :)

Shown above is the credits version for the anime, while below is the "full" track (audio only), and I'll perhaps update if ever I find the original MV (if it exists actually lol):

Below is the Ending credits sequence seen in Episode #1: