25 years of GHOST IN THE SHELL

Celebrating 25 years of GHOST IN THE SHELL with this PV of it's "history" - from cinematic appearance to television, to the now - including the films Ghost In The Shell, GITS: Innocence, tv series: GITS: Stand Alone Complex, and GITS: Solid State Society, to the current GITS: ARISE series of 4 films (to be re-edited for tv as "Alternative Architecture).

Roadshow begins 6/20/2015, and you can check out the Theatre list here (in Japan) and read the Story here (in Japanese language). I would've loved to do my own "mini marathon" viewing here in Singapore, but my laptop DVD-player is busted, and I have SAC as VCD set but can't play them anywhere anymore! Would be "easy" to view them online but it would not be the same, alas ...