Toy-Review: Tiger & Bunny Half Age Characters Vol 2


I love it when the Japanese are able to "re-purpose" their characters in a variety of incarnations and guises from their initial character design, while achieving "new ideas" for mass marketing, without the need to resort to multiple colorways of said character product, IMHO.

This "Half Age Characters" series offers up the civilian aspect of the main characters in the "Tiger & Bunny" anime, as well, characters HALF their age! (of course there are the baby-ish & chibi forms too).

Released in 2012 (Yes, I am late to the game on this property, which can be a boon as hype has waned slightly, and as well prices have gone down = YAY), this is a blind-boxed styled series, with 8 x individual boxes to a single display box. There are 5 x basic PVC-made characters plus 3 x "Extra" Versions to collect. My single sealed box included all 8 figures, with no spares. A whole lot of vendors out there sell these as an entire set.

[Above: Basic x 5 / Below: "Extra" Versions x 3]

I truly like the sculpt and designed-form, and the finishing is pretty darn awesome, especially in this size (9cm / 3.5-inches tall), besides the obvious joint-lines, of course. Paint-apps are pretty sweet too, IMHO.

I will not comment on the "price" of this series available in the market now, just that I got mine at one of the shops in China Square Central at less than SGD$50 per sealed/unopened box … *cough*

This is "Volume 2" of the series, with the first volume consisting of Kotetsu, Barnaby Brooks Jr, Karina Lyle (Blue Rose), Ivan Karelin (Origami Cyclone) and Nathan Seymour (Fire Emblem). Volume 2 consists of Kotetsu and Barnaby Brooks Jr (in two similar-ish looks dressed in suits, one set doing a fist-pound, while the other "Extra" set holding champagne glasses), Keith Goodman (Sky High), Antonio Lopez (Rock Biso), and my fav lady of the group Huang Pao-Lin (Dragon Kid)! Darnnit now I have to hunt down Vol:1 to "complete" the set! URGH.

("Fist-pound" is the Regular Version (Kotetsu is also wearing a domino-mask.
'Clinking' Champagne glass are the "Extra" versions for both)


This particular series of items was never on my shopping-lists, and not part of my WANTS, even tho I adore "Tiger and Bunny" products, the S.H.Figuarts figures were my one and only vice, and that was that (besides my toy-grail, the Double Chaser bike set ;p) … then I had to peruse the shop at China Square Central along with my 1/6-toy-collectors brethren the Sunday just - to which I was assisting in egging … I met, "providing advice" to a brand new 3A Toys-collector, when my eyes caught attention of this instead, and the price-point proved decent enough for me to take the purchasing-leap, and I find myself late at night (and early next morning lol), attempting to snap pics of them - to which I've posted the full individual pics unto THIS dedicated Facebook-album.

("Smiling" Pao-Lin is the regular version. "Mouth Opened" is the "Extra" Version)

Of course after unboxing and photographing them, now I have to consider WHERE to display them! Sometimes (ah heck, MOST of the time) it is the aftermath of the "decision" that impacts the reality itself, innit?

Just to be clear, I love these, yeah? Am quite smitten with this notion … Heh.


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