Toy-Review: Sky High by S.H. Figuarts x Bandai


And while this is not necessarily a "toy-review", this post functions as a "archival-marker" for me, for being able to complete my "Tiger & Bunny" figure line-up from S.H. Figuarts x Bandai, with the addition of SKY HIGH! (At a discounted price too - thank the toygawds I was patient LOL). Full review somewhen … after I've played with it first tho heehee
WHO-IS: "Keith Goodman (キース・グッドマン), alias Sky High (スカイハイ), is currently the most popular hero in Sternbild and winner of last season's "King of Heroes" title."
Hero Suit: "Sky High's hero suit is similar to the uniform worn by the Rocketeer. Like the Rocketeer, Sky High possesses a jetpack which he uses to fly. His sponsor logos appears on his chest (Ustream) and sleeves (Tamashii Nations).

Like most of the other heroes, his hero suit contains a "Lighting Mode" feature, whereby part of it lights up when his powers are active. The helmet also seems to contain the same sort of information readouts seen in Barnaby and Wild Tiger's visors. The top portion of his helmet was broken during the battle with Jake, but later is repaired with a cog made of the same material that Keith found near the bench Cis sat on. The cog is a piece of her android body. (Shown in the Manga)."

Personality: "Keith is usually depicted as a happy good-hearted person who places a lot of emphasis on politeness and is often described as an airhead. He often repeats himself, such as in his favorite catchphrase "Thank you, and again, Thank you" (ありがとう、そしてありがとう, Arigato, soshite arigato) because he wants to make sure others understand him but makes Wild Tiger get annoyed by that catchphrase." (

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