My Top Ten Fav Anime (Series) Theme Song #5: "Uso" by Sid (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood ED)

WHAT-IS: I list my Top Ten Fav Anime Theme Songs from Series (MOVIES will be another list), with the entire list since posted here. THESE blogposts however, includes TOYS!

"Uso" by Sid, one of the ending songs for FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST: BROTHERHOOD - this track always seemed like an apt track to end each episode of the Elric Brothers' Adventures, filled with "victory over adversity", looking forward to more "triumphant" to come, and a mixed bittersweet taste of "hope" for the future to come! A whole lot of 'feels' for a single song, and that works for me!

@jaykblu mentioned on my IG he did not "understand why there are no fma nendos (made) yet" and I agree whole-heartedly! But something gnawed at me on the back of my memory as I had somewhat remember "seeing" a Nendoroid, and googled such, to find a NENDOROID PETITE: EDWARD ELRIC (based on the character design seen in "Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos" OVA) - which is essentially a 2.5-inch tall figurine (as opposed to the larger Nendoroids - which I've been thoroughly enjoy their "Attack On Titans"-line!), released circa September 2011 … and no FMA nendos ever since? TRAVESTY!!!!!

*wipes away man-tear*

I would heartily enjoy even a boxed set of Petite FMA: Brotherhood characters, ala gacha figurines such as these, and remembering my Linkin park set (Amazon) …. although understandably there has been loads of chibi-styled figurines released into the wild so far … then I found THIS Nendoroid-custom of the flame-alchemist "Roy Mustang" = *SWEET*

"Uso" performed by Sid "Live":