My Top Ten Fav Anime Theme Songs (Oct 2014 Edition)

My enjoyment of Japanese animation series is admittedly pretty narrow and excruciatingly limited … and while attempting to list my my fav Top 10 Anime Theme Songs, I realized I am woefully out of my depth hahahaha

But nevertheless, I challenged myself to list what I have heard and seen, so far, and will individually expand on the selections, along with a feature on related-TOYS!


#10. "Chain" by Back-on (Air Gear OP)

#09. "Buddy" by Sakamoto Maaya (Last Exile - Fam: The Silver Wing OP)

#08. "Welcome to the Xth Dimension" by Etsuko Yakushimaru (Space Dandy ED)

#07. "Again" by Yui (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood OP)

#06. "Shunkan Sentimental" by SCANDAL (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood ED)

#05. "Uso" by Sid (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood ED)

#04. "Guren no Yumiya" by Linked Horizon (Attack On Titan OP)

#03. "Starboard" by Hitomi Kuroishi (Last Exile - Fam: The Silver Wing ED)

#02. "Crowds" by WHITE ASH (Gatchaman Crowd OP)

#01. "Duvet" by Bôa (Serial Experiments Lain OP)

FYI#1: This list was first posted on my personal Facebook circa October 2014.

FYI#2: And no, I do not understand the Japanese language :p