Creators Hub @ C3 Anime Festival Asia 2017

Seen at this year’s C3 ANIME FESTIVAL ASIA event TAGGED (Nov 24-26) - specifically at the Creator’s Hub zone of the festivities, lie a “wider” spread of the J-Pop phenom, with tons of “fanart” (much unlike it’s western convention counterpart’s current crackdown on fanart), and artists’ own creations - which might not necessarily be based on existing anime/properties, but are either aesthetically “parallel”, or falls within the somewhat similar same spectrum (which include kawaii/chibi etc) - which in this instance, a whole lot of art, prints, crafts - for which they’d taken plenty of my attention and $$$!

Here are some more images of the booths (MORE can be viewed here on the TOYSREVIL Facebook), and I’ll post my “scores” later :p (heh).

FYI#1: Some of these Instagrammed images are linked to the booth-owner(s), but not all, and you can approach them direct for availability, cheers!

FYI#2: If you are wonder “What is Creator’s Hub?” - this is essentially AFA’s incarnation of “Artist Alley”.




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