#AttackOnTitan” Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear (3DMG) Made Real! Well, “Cosplay Real” anyways…!

“Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear” (3DMG) seen used by the Scouts and Soldiers in the popular anime/manga ATTACK ON TITAN made REAL! Well, “Cosplay Real” anyways, complete with mechanical-frills!

These videos are dated “June 2013” and had been uploaded by the maker of the 3DMG himself, “芦川翔吾”. I’m sure there have been others made since then, by a variety of folks (maybe?), but I discovered this video on Facebook just today, coupled with my renewed excitement for the current second season of the anime, makes for “perfect” otaku-fun!

… wondering if I’ll see any AOT-Cosplay at this year’s C3AFA tho… :p