Documentaries about Akihabara

DOCUMENTARY DESCRIPTION: ”Akihabara is a neighborhood of Tokyo, Japan known as “Electric Town” for its rows of one-meter wide discount computer and electronics stores. In more recent years Akihabara has evolved into a full-blown Mecca for computer enthusiasts anime and manga fans doll or “figure” collectors video gamers and “Otaku” of all kinds.

Because Akihabara caters to interests outside of mainstream Japanese society it captivates an entire subculture of devotees.

Join us as we peruse the shops streets and Maid Cafes to present an engrossing day in the life view of Akihabara and focus on the unique people who are passionately plugged into this town.”

The above video documentary titled “Akihabara Geeks” is dated over a decade old, circa 2005 … and searching thru youtube now, you will be greeted with a heck-load of mini videos and short documentaries … I wonder how the characters in the above video are doing now?

I’ve been fascinated with “Akihabara” since as long as I had been enjoyed anime, toys and products from Japan, which mainstream media has constantly pointed to, to be a hub of all I enjoy, and as my reaction to mainstream media reportage, I am curious if indeed what everything everyone says is “true”, or at the very least, how many percent “true” hahaha

And having not been in Japan myself, I’ll have too depend upon all THESE videos myself hahaha

TOKYO OTAKU MODE: "We bring to you sightseeing info related to Japan’s pop culture. In addition to videos introducing sightseeing locations all over Japan and information on otaku events, from Aug. 1, 2014 to Jan. 15, 2015, we’ll even be holding campaigns to give away hotel discount coupons and original goods!"

Popular Shops In Akihabara Tokyo by TOKYO EYE 2020, in anticipation of the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

OZZY AWESOME: "If you have ever dreamed about visiting the famous Otaku Center of the World then this Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan tour video is for you! Guaranteed to have something you like! Enjoy!"

ERIC ABROAD: "A must-stop location for anyone who likes video games, or anime culture! Super interesting experience. Best to bring some extra cash if you plan to bring home some good souvenirs because this place can max out your credit card easily if you're not careful!"