One Punch Man by Threezero Teased!

One Punch Man Threezero

Threezero teases an upcoming articulated figure, and it’s SAITAMA from the uber awesome ONE PUNCH MAN anime! And i cannot wait to see if they’ll do GENOS!!! They will eventually, right? RIGHT????

Or maybe it’ll be a “two-pack”? With Threezero’s production abilities, a straight single Saitama (the main protagonist of the anime, shown above, if you do not know by now :p), is pretty, well, “straight forward” and somewhat mundane, if you ask me … of maybe Saitama has a broken evil robot-arm, or wreckage around him / his base??? Or maybe even multiple heads, like Kcdesing Kcdesign’s? :p

And no where on the teaser image was any indication of this being “1/6th”-scale too … so would this be a 1/12-scaled pair with Genos? SO EXCITING!

Updated when I have them, meanwhile you can stay connected via their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.