Motion Manga for #IAMAHero” by Raie Jimenez

"A man comes home to his apartment late at night. He is quite goofy and seems to live alone. His mind conjures up an imaginary friend to whom he speaks to from time to time. A boy he calls Yashima, He has an active imagination and is easily scared of the paranormal. He then hears news about an accident in which an old man dies. For some reason, this conjures up thoughts of heroism in the man. As he even proclaims "I Am A Hero". The man then stays up until early morning out of his irrational fear. Surrounded by his favorite manga to protect him and accompanied by his most prized possession... A shotgun. The man starts to feel safe and waits until dawn before he goes to sleep.

Who is this man? Is he really the hero for "I Am A Hero"? How can a coward save the world?"
And while I’ve not managed to watch the feature film adaptation of Kengo Hanazawa's zombie horror manga "I Am A Hero”, Raie Jimenez has given us a headsup of the “Motion Manga” he had so far made - in two parts, shown here.

"The man wakes up at noon and seems to be happy he survived the night. He gains courage and challenges ghosts to come out and take him on if they dare. Then he realizes he's running late and leaves the house. The man might have an obsessive-compulsive disorder as he checks if his apartment is lock twice. He doesn't forget reciting his daily mantra, I Am A Hero to start the day. He then proceeds to run as his imaginary friend appears beside him asking why was he in a hurry? The man explains he is excited to go to work today. Because today is a special day. He then reaches the office. He seems to work in some manga production office. The man then reveals that he is very passionate about making manga comics. As his co-workers. The man also has a bully in the form of his senior co-worker. Although he keeps his irritation towards his bully bottled up inside. Soon the work day ends and the man leaves work. He then receives a surprise text message that brightens up his day. It was from a girl who was inviting him over to her apartment. He reaches her apartment and it turns out he has a girlfriend. The man is also named Hideo. Hideo of I Am A Hero."


  1. Hi there!

    I just want to thank you for promoting my I Am A Hero videos. I really appreciate it.

    And I haven't watched the movie version too. But apparently a lot of people like it.


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