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With the new #artvsartist meme coursing thru the internets this week, we get to see splendid manga/anime-themed/styled character illustrations!
WHAT-IS: "The initial intention of #artvsartist meme was started to show how an artist and their art look alike, with the theme being "ART VS ARTIST"" (shamelessly self-quoting as featured #onTOYSREVIL)
The image montage consists of the artist himself/herself in the center of a 9-image grid, surrounded by their artwork :)

Scroll down to enjoy some select splendidness (including my own doodles… i wanna be part of this too! :p). And there are undoubtably tons more yummy artwork out there, but this was as far as I could find without my eyes popping out of their sockets, fhanks ~ LOL

*Feel free to drop a link to your art in the comments section below!*

You can scan thru the hashtag #artvsartist on Instagram / Twitter / Tumblr :)

*P/S: There is also the hashtag "#artvartist" to consider as well (without the "S"), where more splendid work could be found!

第一次露顏 (ノω・、) #artvsartist #只想放一天 (#

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正常版((顏出注意 #artvsartist

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05/19 I want to join the bandwagon too! . . . #artvartist

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繪畫活動跟風🎨 #artvsartist #illustration #イラスト #插畫

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Jumping onto the bandwagon #artvsartist

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