Funko's Anime Pop!Vinyls seen @ New York Toy Fair 2016

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A sweet selection of anime-themed Pop! Vinyls from Funko seen on display at the recent weekend's 2016 New York Toy Fair, which included a look at the previously featured "Sailor Moon" line-up, and as well characters from "Fairy Tale" and what obvious caught my eye and attention: "Ken Kaneki" (in his "Aogiri Tree"-guise) and purple-haired "Tōka Kirishima" (with her "Kagune" out) from "Tokyo Ghoul"!

While previously featured, this is the first time seeing the figures "as-is", and I really appreciate reminders like this, that I WANT them! OMGOMGOMG … as well tho, the Gudetama Pop!s look hella fun!

Do check in with your fav retailer(s) for availability and pricing for these guys!

With Pop!Vinyls exploding in all corners of Singapore, I wonder how anime fans take to these visual interpretations? :)

Source: Cool Toy Review