#watched Mobile Suit Gundam - Iron Blooded Orphans Ep.15

"Biscuit reunites with his elder brother Savarin, but he and Atra are quickly nabbed by Gjallarhorn forces while Atra fakes her identity as Kudelia. As Atra is being tortured by her interrogators, Mikazuki, Orga, and the rest of Tekkadan race to rescue them. Meanwhile, Kudelia and Fumitan meet a masked man who reveals the true motives of their trip to the Dort Colonies. " (Ep#15: "Trail of Footprint")
This week's episode sees the theme of "betrayal", with blood connections, and familial bonds tested, and shattered. And what happens to Atra under capture is harsher than you might realize, only because we are looking at "anime", and might forgo "the act", IMHO.

I watched mine on Daisuki.net (Free to air). The above is available to watch and updated online weekly as it airs, complete with commercial for their hobby kit tho.