My #SundayAnimeTrip (May 24)

SPOILER #Sundayanimetrip begins today with a particularly sweet episode of #PlasticMemories Ep.8 #anime

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The "sweetness" of #PlasticMemories Ep.8 #anime on my #Sundayanimetrip is punctuated with this ... lol

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I had wondered why I would be watching Plastic Memories, when my personal tastes askew viewing of such sweetness LOL … but I think I've figured out my "personal viewing preferences" listed at bottom of this post :)

You got that right! #WorldTrigger Ep.31 - Trigger-ON! #anime #watched #Sundayanimetrip continues...

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Director Shinoda enters the fray! #WorldTrigger Ep.31 #watched #Sundayanimetrip

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This prolonged conflict is really testing my patience, and as well exciting me weekly! Well, 19 episodes more to go before the finale in Ep.50? LOL

The excitement in Blood Blockade Battlefront returns to the excitement of battle seen in the earliest episodes and a welcomed notion after an enriching couple of heartwarming episodes (or rather 1 sole one haha) … The look at Zapp's daily life was hilarious, and a slice of anime storytelling I adore :)

ARISE Alternative Architecture Episode #8 was essentially Part 2 of "Ghost Tears" in ARISE, and a fitting end to my Sunday Anime Trip … and I've figured out my programming/viewing choices (perhaps):

> Starting off with something lighter with Plastic Memories.
> Continuing building up excitement with World Trigger.
> Hit the high notes with excitement from Kekkai Sensen.
> Chill down with ARISE Alternative Architecture … so that I could go to bed calm and satisfied :)