#my10favanime (March 19.2017)

I remembered not too long ago, someone asked me to recommend any anime that is not based on "giant robots" or "magical fantasy girls in short skirts" ... and the first name popped into my mind was actually Kekkai Sensen - which I had the attempted to describe what the story was about, and realised it’s not as easy as encompassing them in a paragraph or two, as there are depths and layers to an otherwise superfluous or even somewhat throwaway premise, which truly will get lost or “judged” even fore laying an eye on the anime itself, IMHO.

Or perhaps I was overthinking something that I had enjoyed myself, but became “over-protective” of it being “diluted” or misjudged” by others, when instead is is not a judgement of MYSELF, but if the “product” instead.

Remembering when folks asked me to describe what “Designer Toys” are, and saying basic points like “It is Limited Edition”, “Designed by Artsists not based on Media related properties”, or “An interpretation of existing Media Properties” - when what most folks can tangibly grasp and understand is “They are limited in quantity and are more expensive than other toys in a department store”, sadly.

So in lieu of “describing” WHAT anime are, here is instead a list of my Top 10 Favourite Anime thus far (“Series”, not “Feature Film”)

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Tokyo Ghoul (Season 1) / OP&ED Songs on #tunestalk

Kekkai Sensen (Season 1) / OP&ED Songs on #tunestalk

Kill la Kill

Iron Blooded Orphans (Season 1) / OP&ED songs on #tunestalk

Attack On Titan (Season 1)

Death Parade (Season 1) / ”Flyers” by BRADIO (OP)

Psycho Pass (Season1)

World Trigger / OP&ED on #tunestalk

One Punch Man (Season1) / OP&ED Songs on #tunestalk

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Oh yes, in lieu of Kekkai Sensen, today, it would again be TOKYO GHOUL, having just rematched / devoured the first season, and I am yet enthralled and in love with anime, again…

So What/Which Are Your Top 10 Fav Anime? Let us know in the Comments Section of this post, or Instagram them (with hashtag #my10favanime)!